Shirt Stays


 Men’s Shirt Stays Military Shirts Holder

Adjustable Elastic Garter Non-slip Locking Clamps

Keep You Tucked All Day

  • Newest Design:  A Shirt Stay like no other. Featuring a tension release belt at the shirt stays middle part with the non-slip locking clamps to keep your shirts tucked in all day, The shirt stays can be easily disassembled into 2 kinds of styles.
  • Comfortable Shirt stays: The Shirt Stays are made from high elastic nylon, for a better more comfortable fit. 
  • One Size Fit All: The Shirt Stays fit most men and women and are adjustable. The Shirt Stays Keep your shirt tucked in all day long, helping you always look sharp and professional.

Perfect for those who are always in uniform.


Are You Tired of Other Shirt Stays That Pop Up and Fray After a Few Uses?

Our Shirt Stays will solve your problems.

Our  Shirt Stays are widely used for military personnel as well as police,  law enforcement, and other uniformed personnel who want to look sharp and professional.

 A n all in one Shirt holder, made of the finest materials, which are natural, soft and skin-friendly.

Keep your shirt perfectly tucked, even if you move, kneel, sit or stretch. Look sharp and classy throughout the day

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1 in

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